Toss a Twin a Pillow Please

Palm Beach Day Academy

What's the surprise in the box?

What’s the surprise in the box?

The girls absolutely loved the pillows!! I had them stand in a circle and I was in the middle of it handing the pillows out. Then when I told them they could look they were all so surprised!  Jessica Brady, Kettle Moraine Varsity Cheer Coach

As a first grade teacher at the Wyndcroft School in Pottstown, Pennsyvania, we have ordered the autograph  pillows for our first graders to decorate and then they take them home as a Mother’s Day gift.  They have become a keepsake for many families! It has been nice doing business with you over the years!  Lois OBrien

Just received the pillows! I am so excited! They are just great!  Thank  you so much! I know our girls will really enjoy them! Cheryl Bertoty, Marvellettes, Irwin, PA

The pillows are beautiful and the students loved them. Thank  you for providing excellent service. We look forward to working with you again. Barbara Merola,  Phyllis L. Susser School, NY

OMG, it's us!!

OMG, it’s us!!

The girls and the parents really loved the pillows. As you can see we had a backyard pool party; unfortunately, 4 of the girls couldn’t make it because they were on vacation.  But, the rest of the girls still had a blast!   Thanks again.  I’m sure I’ll be ordering from you again in the future. Merrell,  Dayton Hoopstars   

Yay, thanks  SO much!!!! I can already tell you we want to do this for next year’s graduating class as well!!!!!   Thanks again!!!! We are VERY pleased! Missy Boyle, Brockton, MA

Hanging out signing each others’ pillows!

Hanging out signing each others’ pillows!

The pillows arrived and they are AWESOME!!!!! You have been incredibly helpful and accommodating and I can’t thank  you enough!  Many thanks for your terrific product and great service! Veronica Wiseman,  Heights Elementary, Sharon, MA

The Pillows are AMAZING!!! They look so cool!! GREAT JOB! Thank you! Again Lisa great job! I love it!
Thanks,  Holly Gallagher  Susser School,  NY

The photo pillows were a hit! The kids had a really fun time signing each others pillows. I am working on trying to find photos to send you.  It was a huge success!”  Alissa Anderson, Harrington, NY  5th grade class mom

The HoopStars!

The HoopStars!

Thanks so much for the pillows. They were a great hit at the Pilgrim Meet. The girls had so much fun signing the pillows, especially while they waited for the awards. My daughter had everyone on her team sign hers and did allow her sister to sign too!  Thanks for all of your help and your speed to deliver.  That allowed plenty of time to separate and bag before the meet. It was a great pleasure to do business with you.  Christa Giguere  Pilgrim Harvest Invitatonal, Cherry Valley, MA

Dear Toss Me a Pillow, I love your autograph pillows. I get them every year at Camp Louise. I have a soccer ball one and a horse one. I want to tell you how wonderful they are.  You can draw anything and get people to sign it. Love, Brianna Dales    Brianna Dales  Camp Louise, Scranton, PA

The pillows flew off the table like  hotcakes!!! My 14-year old daughter was helping to man that table and she practically sold them all single handedly! She would tell people who came up to the table what they could do with them. We sold out of every single pillow and had people asking about them. I am so glad that we did this! I will do it again next year.” Beverly Hall, Cheer Zone Boosters, Abington, PA

Pilgrim Harvest Invitational Athletes with their autograph pillows.

Pilgrim Harvest Invitational Athletes with their autograph pillows.

I just want to let you know that the blankets were a huge hit! The kids really liked them a lot! In fact one of the judges at the meet took down your information (we gave the judges blankets too) because she hosts a meet where they hand out items to the participants. and she said these were by far the best she has seen.  Thank you so much for everything you did. What a great company to do business with.  Susan Rowland  Coach Oneonta Family YMCA

The girls absolutely loved the autograph pillows! They were a BIG hit at our banquet. Thank you for your service. We will stay in touch!  Crystal Handchen  Brick Memorial High School Cheerleaders

You ROCK!  Thank you so much for all your hard work. You can count on our business in the future and we will spread the word at Dayton. Michael Kingston, Plano TX

Our fifth grade class LOVED the pillows.They are beautiful!!
Can’t thank you enough for your great service, quick delivery and patience!!!  Already referred your site to friends, family and other schools.
Thanks again! Carla Lobel, Purchase Elementary School

The girls fell in love with their photo pillows!  It was so much fun for their team mates to sign the pillows for them. Thanks so much for helping make it a special evening for my seniors. Chris Lidgard Varsity Cheer Coach  LaPorte High School

 I am more than thrilled :)  I work alone but had to show someone so I ran to the business next door to show them—lol  Everyone was impressed.  I even had to tell a mom of one of my cheerleaders cause I was so excited.  She said the kids will LOVE them I can’t wait to hand them out!!!!!  Thanks again! Lori Lyons  Oceanside, CA

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