Quality time with teenage daughters

Quality Time With Teenage Daughters    from Kelly Pfeiffer

Mom-daughter bonding activities that are budget friendly can teach teen girls how to have fun and stay connected with others, especially mom, in ways that can be especially helpful during adulthood. Spending quality time with teenagers can even improve teen behavior. Of all the gifts to give a teenager daughter, quality time is the one teens will remember most.

 Bonding activities with teens don’t have to involve spending tons of money. These ideas offer budget friendly inspiration for moms to stay connected to teenage daughters.

Hobbies are a great way for moms and daughters to stay connected and inspire each other. Knitting, art journaling and jewelry making are hot crafts at the moment, but any shared art or craft interest will do. Bottle cap necklaces are low cost, easy to make and popular with teen girls. Digital photography can be budget friendly once a digital camera is purchased.

Cooking Activities to Stay Connected:   Cooking family recipes, a teenage daughter’s favorite recipes or just any dish together can keep a mom and daughter busy with bonding activities for  weeks. One great thing about cooking is sharing it with others. A way to share the wealth is to pair cooking with a small get together. Mom and daughter can spend quality time together preparing a meal and friends can come over after the food is cooked.

Mom-Daughter Stay Home Movie Night:  Cozy pajamas, blankets and popcorn in front of movie work great for a laid-back, stay at home evening. If teen girls have seen all of the current movies, moms can introduce daughters to throw back classic movies. Classic movies for today’s teen girls can mean renting movies from (gasp!) the 1980’s. Movies such as Ghost, Back to the Future and Coming to America still appeal to teens.

Staying Connected With Board Games: Scrabble©, Othello©, Pente©, and Chess are only a few two-player board games for spending mom daughter time together. Just “where” to play a game can be part of the fun of playing board games with a teenage daughter. In front of a fireplace? At a park? At a local coffee shop? In a tent in the backyard? The ideas are endless for choosing different places to play board games together.

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