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Autograph Photo Pillow Example

These autograph photo pillows are a wonderful cast gift or sell them in the lobby as a fundraiser.

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One side is a full 10″ x 14″ ultra high resolution photograph of your cast. Your show name can be added to the photograph. The other side of the pillow is for signatures. This side has a mini pocket holding a Sharpie marker.

Tell us a little about your group and what you are looking for.

  • What show are you doing?
  • When does it open?
  • Are you thinking of the autograph photo pillows as a cast gift? Or to be purchased by cast members?
  • Is this a fundraiser?


Prices are for the quantity indicated with one photo.
The minimum order is 12 with one photo.

  • Quantity of 12 to 24 – $15.99
  • Quantity of 24 to 99 – $13.99
  • Quantity of 100+ – $12.99

Email us to request information or to place your order.